We support the Makers

The Photographers, the Painters, the Craftsmen and women, the Designers, the Artisan, the Self-Employed, the Go-Get-Ers, and the Do-It-Your-selfers.

Items from people like this are in the Market.

In the search to find local honey for our Farm market, we have partnered with a couple of local bee keepers to help the bees and, well, get some honey of course.  Working together has proved beneficial to all parties.  The bee mating yard on our farm is a site to see.

Check out Four Cousins Honey and G & M Family Farms.

We also carry a selection of Newfoundland Seasonings and Lee-Licious seasonings which are prepared by local Chef Cardoulis.

On the same shelf there are local preserves all prepared in the traditional Newfoundland manner using locally sourced berries.

We also carry locally roasted, ethically sourced,Trinity Mercantile coffee.