Join our family in a traditional Newfoundland experience.

We love our food, we love growing it, caring for it and sharing it with you. 

Every year my father and I would grab a container and take a walk to our fields filled with vegetables.  We would harvest everything we needed to fill the pot that was simmering on an outdoor cookstove (that he built).  The time spent gathering the vegetables, cleaning and prepping them properly, will always hold dear to my heart. Once in the pot, this boiled feast becomes the traditional "Jiggs Dinner", known all over Newfoundland.  Everywhere you go on this island of ours you will find variations of the same dish.  There is one thing that always stays constant, the vegetables.

We would like to grow our little tradition and offer the experience of it to you.

So come along on a walk through the fields.  We will show you how to harvest your own vegetables.  All the while going for a nice walk through the farm and seeing many sights and learning about what we do.

At the end of the walk and once everyone has gathered all the veggies they want to eat.  We stop at our cabin by the pond.  There we will find a cookhouse,  the fire is burning in the cookstove and the pots are waiting for all the veggies they can stand.