What originally began as an idea, blossomed into a full fledged dream.  Now this dream is become a reality,  The Ranch is the mainstay of the whole operation.  The Country Store will sell the produce from the Ranch and so much more.  A store was the next logical step in the ever expanding business of Three Mile Ridge. 

We want to provide customers with a relaxing family oriented welcoming  when they are in our store.  Just like the plants we grow, we are in no rush! 

Krista and David Chatman are the owners of the whole thing, with the help of Krista's dad, Boyd Reader.  Together we are a team that manages both the new store, the vegetable producing operation and new for 2018 the Three Mile Ridge Experience.    The vision we had when we began was for the farm to become a place where people could come and enjoy themselves.  Now with the Country Store combined with the Ranch and the Experience,this can be accomplished.  So head on over to the farm and visit with us, you canpick up your fresh veggies while you are here, among many more items we will be hosting.   Hope to see you soon!

Meet the Family!